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Tips to Help you Decorate Small Spaces


Even the largest houses in England are smaller than their equivalents in America and Australia, and with prices rising (particularly in London), many of us are investing in smaller spaces. Follow these tips to help make your small living space feel like a mansion.


It’s the oldest trick in the book but there is good reason for that. Large or decorative mirrors in a small space give the illusion of size and plenty of room.

Use Vertical Space

If you have a small living room, a floor to ceiling bookcase will save on space and take up oft-unused vertical room. There are other ways to use your vertical space, such as fitting high curtains or investing in a raised bed with a desk or play space underneath for a child’s or spare bedroom. Another classic trick is to mix low furniture such as low-set sofas and chairs with taller items such as bookshelves and storage. This means the middle ground is much larger than it usually would be.

Glossy paint and stainless steel details, glass doors

Much like the mirror trick, making your surfaces reflective and glossy is a great way to add a sense of space in a room. This works really well in a kitchen. Stainless steel kitchen equipment and cupboards painted in rich glossy colours will add

Create ‘zones’ in open plan apartments/studio spaces

If you live in a studio space or an open plan living space, apply a different decorating scheme to each ‘zone’ in your space. Not only will this give you a much more relaxing and pleasant living experience in your cosy space, but it will look much roomier!

Pale walls mixed with bold accent notes

Lighter colour schemes give a space a sense of airiness and lightness, even if it’s tiny! If you’re not the magnolia or pale yellow type, using an accent wall is a great alternative. Paint the room with the lighter version of your preferred colour and then dedicate one wall with the colour you love.

Big statement furniture can make a room bigger

It may take up a lot of your space, but a large sofa, bed or kitchen island can actually help a room feel larger and grander than it actually is.

Lighting Lighting Lighting

A well lit room is a spacious looking room, and having at least three points of light in a room will add space immediately. A large central light mixed with a high lamp and a lower desk lamp is a perfect combination to make a room look huge.

Go Wild with a Safari Inspired Bedroom!

abode sarah

If your child is a little explorer who loves animals, why not turn your child’s bedroom into a jungle filled with wild creatures? Inspired by our elephant bedroom sign, here is our guide on how to transform a boring room into a safari or jungle extravaganza!


Got for neutral, light colours for the main walls of the room.  A sandy yellow base with accents of dark green is the perfect start for a safari themed room, or an accent wall painted in a darker colour will really set off the room without making it too lively.


Many animal/jungle themed bedrooms have animals painted on the walls as a focal point. This is definitely only an option for the artistic, if you’re not sure if your skills are up to it, painting some simple leaves and fern patterns in dark green around the bottom of the wall is an easier approach, or large animal stickers can also be placed around the room, and are easily removed if you ever want to change the theme of the room.


Basic pine furniture will work well in a yellow bedroom or against darker colours, or if you want to immerse the bedroom deeper in the theme, go for dark or light green furnishings. This table by IKEA would make a great space for study time or craft activities.  We also love this jungle themed storage solution from Bambino Direct. For something really special, this elephant chair not only fits the theme perfectly but is perfect for imaginative children!


Bedding is a great focal point for a jungle themed bedroom, animal print bedding is a perfect match – leopard, zebra and even giraffe print children’s bedding is available in various designs.

If you don’t want to change the carpet or flooring of the bedroom, a large rug is a good way of accessorising the room without making a dramatic change. A dark green rug will compliment light coloured walls perfectly, or specific jungle animal rugs are available, such as this really cute monkey rug.

 Finishing touches

What is a jungle themed room without a few cuddly toys? Time to build up a menagerie of cuddly creatures to live on the bed!

For a finishing touch, get our elephant bedroom sign so everyone visiting knows there’s a wild child inside!

Decorative Housing Signs – Is it Contemporary Art or Something Else?

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Housing signs can come in all shapes and sizes. Just like window films are designed to fit anywhere, so do these signs. But are they designed for so much more than just telling you what’s in what room and what number house this is?

The answer is yes. Few people purchasing housing numbers and decorative signs for anything other than aesthetics. There’s a reason for this. The main one is many of them look good. They stand out and make each home look unique. It gives the property a personal touch.

And this is important in the UK. The UK is known for its terraced housing which looks almost the same. You don’t want to end up in this position. You want everyone to know which house is yours when they arrive into the street.

In many cases, wall signs are pieces of contemporary art. Take a look at our sunflower design (displayed on this page). It uses just a quarter of the sunflower as part of a panel design. It’s quite a common design, but it works. The bright colours stick out and leave a positive impression burned onto your brain.

If you want to make your house look fantastic, take a look at some of the other signs on our website.