3,2,1 Blast off! How to Create the Perfect Space Themed Bedroom

Charlies room

Dark and mystical outer space holds an attraction for many children. Whether you have an aspiring astronaut at home or a Star Wars buff, a galaxy themed bedroom doesn’t isn’t far far away with these tips.

Dark sky colours such as black, purple, midnight blue and grey are most popular for use in a child’s space themed bedroom. If you are a real dab hand with a paint brush then you could add a splash of colour by painting on some planets and a rocket ship. For those who do not consider themselves very arty, wall stickers are a quick and easy alternative to paint. Once complete, make your mural walls sparkle by using glow in the dark or glitter paint to add stars to your skyscape.

space room

Next, use a white circular paper lantern as a ceiling lampshade to emulate the moon and a rocket shaped lava lamp as a bedside night light. Both options are inexpensive but will really add to the effect. You could also consider hanging a mobile that is bedecked with UFO’s and shooting stars from the ceiling.

When choosing furniture opt for black metal or silver chrome. Keep your carpet neutral to counterbalance the darker walls and finish it off with a circular (planet shaped) rug.

There are numerous space themed quilt cover and curtain sets available, from fabrics covered in a multitude of stars to those with a bit more detail which feature specific constellations and planets. Add alien soft cushions and plush toys to the bed (think the little green men from Toy Story or the plethora of extra-terrestrial life in Ben 10). Star wars accessories are another great option and there are SO many to choose from. Our favourite is this R2D2 LED alarm clock. Add a few strategically placed lightsabers and a globe and you should be about ready for lift off.


Finally, no space themed bedroom would be complete without a telescope positioned at the window for a spot of pre-bedtime stargazing.