Choo Choo! How to Decorate a Train Themed Room


Trains are still the most exciting thing ever to young children, maybe because they haven’t had to change platforms at Birmingham New Street with two minutes notice. A certain blue engine is still wildly popular with toddlers, leading to a love of all things locomotive. If you want to decorate your little one’s room with a train theme, follow these tips:

First of all, as much as most adults dread catching the train, a child’s view of trains is more traditional: think steam powered pistons and conductors hats rather than British rail sandwiches.

The main point to keep in mind when making redecorating your child’s room is that the ‘train phase’ has a sell by date. Many little boys (and plenty of girls!) become obsessed with trains and suddenly move onto something different. Like most themed children’s bedrooms, the key is to make a tasteful base from which to build from, and concentrate the theme in your accessories (which can easily be switched over!).

For a train themed room, a good base is a baby or periwinkle blue (inspired by Thomas himself!), mixed with whites and reds (if you’re feeling adventurous, incorporate some stripes into your decorating scheme, since they will give the room a sense of movement and ‘speeding ahead’!) After you’ve made the base, add some wall stickers to start the theme.

Train accessories are also a good way of introducing the theme into the room. Old rail signs/vintage items like lamps and conductors hats will give the room a classic/traditional feel.

Less expensive but still beloved items includes train themed bedding, railroad rugs, posters and, of course, the essential train set! Some of the best train themed rooms out there have a track running around the perimeter of the room on a raised track, try it out if you fancy yourself as a super parent!

If you are unable to find a train themed version of a bedroom accessory, plump for stripy or even gingham patterns to invoke that old wild western vision of steam trains, much more romantic than the 6:50 to Euston!

The best way to finish the perfect train themed room? With our bedroom sign of course!